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These are what I have crafted thus far. Here's hoping many more will be added to this list in the future.

Salvage // 2012 

Electronic Persona // 2010

My first foray into the world of Electro Pop, the "Electronic Persona" EP contained the tracks:

1. Be the Moon

2. Doubt

3. My Whole Soul

4. The Past

5. Change the World

"Dirt Heart" is my first full-length, fully-produced, full-band album, and it is out now!

1. Fall for Me

2. California

3. You Smile

4. Burned to the Ground

5. I Jumped

6. Doubt

7. Where You Belong (feat. Kevin Gubitz)

8. All My Life Was for You

9. Those Were the Days

10. Dirt Heart

11. Change Our Hearts

My second EP, "Salvage," continued my electro journey with the tracks:

1. Fall for Me

2. I Jumped

3. My Voice

4. Salvage

5. Out of this World

Dirt Heart // 2014 
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